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Welcome to the Art Department!

GHC Art Department
@ Grays Harbor College

Printmaking, Painting, Drawing, Design, Color, Art Appreciation, Watercolor, Graphic Design

The GHC General Catalog and sample syllabi listing provide a nitty gritty view of the requirements for each course as well as course descriptions. If you have any questions be sure to talk to a living breathing art student or an instructor. Some classes have no entrance requirements. Others may have a prerequisite or may be part of a sequence. Find the one that suits you and your schedule. Except for Art Appreciation, classes meet for two or more hours per session. Plan to attend every class to fully utilize studio facilities. Attendance and participation are crucial to your progress.

As an art student at GHC, you may find yourself using inks and paints, charcoal, markers, printing presses, easels, slides, visual arts periodicals, MacIntosh computers, graphics software, scanners, and other multimedia equipment.

Select an art class as an elective, as a transferable Humanities credit, to expand your skills, or to simply try something new for you. Find the class that best suits you and your experience is necessary. Look for evening classes and non-credit offerings also. Come and work with experienced faculty and a small but serious group of art majors.

Erik Sandgren

Office: Rm. 319
(360) 538-4176

Course Materials:

Spellman Library Art Resources:

ArtStor - Search nearly one million digitized images in the arts, architecture, humanities, and social sciences. Images include descriptive information and database tools enable you to organize and share images, save citation information, download select images, and more.

Credo Reference - Search over 500 full-text subject reference books (including encyclopedias, dictionaries, and books of quotations) covering art, business, literature, psychology, science, social science, technology, and more.

GHC Library Guides

GHC Art 100: Images

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