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ABE/GED or ESL classes...Start here, go anywhere!

Adult Basic Education
Do you need help with basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics?

The Adult Basic Education Department provides classes for persons working towards earning their GED certificate or for those who need to bring their skills up to college level.
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English as a Second Language
Do you or someone you know need to learn English?

English as a Second Language classes help students develop their Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening skills in the English language.

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Do you need your GED?

The GED test is designed to measure the academic outcomes normally acquired by completing a typical high school program of study. Earning a GED provides opportunities to pursue higher education, obtain jobs or job promotions, and achieve personal goals.
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All programs offered morning, afternoon and night on the main campus in Aberdeen.

Classes are $25 Classes are $25.00 per quarter. Tuition waiver scholarships are available for qualifying students.

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Developmental Education
Developmental Education (Deved) courses are pre-college, credit based courses designed to help students succeed in their college level coursework. Deved courses introduce or refresh core mathematical, reading, and writing concepts. Deved courses require tuition and are eligible for financial aid.

Students are appropriately placed into developmental course offerings using the college placement test. The exam determines a student’s initial placement. If a student is placed into a developmental course, successful completion of that course allows progress into the next developmental course or into college level course work.


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