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A.E.D. Locations
About GHC

Academic Advising - See: Student Support Center
Academic Calendar
Academic Early Warning Program
Academic Transfer
Accident Report Form (for faculty/staff)
Activities Calendar
Administrative Procedures
Administrative Services, Office of
Administrative Team
Admissions & Records Office, GHC
Admissions Procedures - See also: Frequently Asked Questions
Adult Basic Education (ABE) - See also: ABE Faculty Resources
Advisor's Data Portal
Advisors/Advising - See: Student Support Center
Annual Planning Schedule Adobe Acrobat document
Application for Admission form - See also: Online Application; GHC Application for Returning Students
Appilication for Degrees & Certificates
Art Department
Articulation - Tech Prep
Assessment of Student Learning
Associate in Arts Degree (See: General Catalog)
Associate in Applied Science/Technology (See: General Catalog)
Associate in Business - Direct Transfer Agreement (See: General Catalog)
Associate in Pre-Nursing - Direct Transfer Agreement (See: General Catalog)
Associate in General Studies (See: General Catalog)
Associate in Science AS-T Track 1 and AS-T Track 2 (See: General Catalog)
Associate in Science (See: General Catalog)
Associated Students of Grays Harbor College (ASGHC) - see also: Student Message Board
Audio-Visual Services - See: John Spellman Library Media Center
Auditing a Course - See: General Catalog
Automotive Technology - See: WorkForce Education


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Baccalaureate Degree Opportunities
Basic Food Employment & Training (BFET)
Basic Skills Programs
Baseball - See: Choker Athletics
Basketball, Men's - See: Choker Athletics
Basketball, Women's - See: Choker Athletics
Behavioral Concerns Report
Bishop Center for Performing Arts
Bishop Scholarship Program
Board of Trustees
Board Policies
Bookstore - see also: faculty book orders
Budget, Annual Operating Adobe Acrobat document
Bus Service to Campus - see GH Transit
Business Institute
Business Management Programs - See: WorkForce Education
Business Office, GHC


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Campus Facilities and Rental Rates
Campus Map
Campus Operations
Canvas - Online Course Login
Career Planning
Carpentry Technology - See: WorkForce Education
Catalog, GHC
Catering - See GHC Food Service
Certificates of Achievement - See: WorkForce Education
Certificates of Completion - See: WorkForce Education; Gainful Employment Disclosures
Certified Nursing Assistant - See: WorkForce Education
Change of Major - See: General Catalog
Charlie Choker
Charlie's Café
Child Care, on-campus
Choker Athletics
CityU of Seattle
Class Information - online
Class Schedules (related link: Student Information Kiosk)
Class Locations
Classweb (GHC course discussions and collaboration server)
Classified Ads (online student message board)
Clothing Exchange
Clubs, Student - See also: Student Message Board
College Catalog
College Facilities (related link: GHC Offices and Departments directory)
College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
College Success Plan
Columbia Education Center
Committees, GHC
Common Funding Application (BFET/WorkFirst/Opportunity)
Community Education Centers
Community Education Classes
Completion Rates (Student Right to Know)
Comprehensive Self-Evaluation, 2011 Report
Computer Labs
Computer Services
Construction Project Updates
Continuing Education

Contract, Faculty - Staff
Counseling - See: Student Support Center
Course Descriptions (See: General Catalog)
Course Outlines
Copyright Issues & Policies
CPT Testing - See also: CPT Score Request Form
Crime Statistics (Student Right to Know)
Criminal Justice Programs - See: WorkForce Education


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Daycare, on-campus

Degree & Certificate Appication Forms
Degree & Certificate Program Outcomes
Degree Audit
Degrees, Requirements for - See: General Catalog
Departments, GHC
Designated Smoking Areas Map
Desired Student Abilities
Developmental Education
Diesel Technology Programs - See: WorkForce Education
Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) - See: General Catalog
Directory, Faculty and Staff
Disability Support Services
Discrimination Grievance Procedure
Discussion Boards (online)
Distance Learning
Diversity Center
Dramatic Productions - See also: Bishop Center for Performing Arts
Driving Directions
Dropping/Adding Courses - See: General Catalog
Drugs and Alcohol Abuse - See: Student Handbook
Dual Credit


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[Academic] Early Warning Program
E-mail (Students)
E-mail (Staff)
Education Center - locations and contacts
Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
Employee Earnings History
Employee Handbook Adobe Acrobat document
Employment Information
English as a Second Language (ESL) - See also: ESL Faculty Resources
Entrepreneurship Programs - See: WorkForce Education
Equal Opportunity
Evening Administrator Schedule
Events & Activities Calendar
Evergreen at Grays Harbor
Examinations, Final
Executive Team


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Facilities Master Plan
(Dec., 2007 /12.5 MB)Adobe Acrobat document
Facility Use Application & Rental Rates
Faculty Book Order Form
Faculty Contract
Faculty Directory See also: Office Hours, Faculty Adobe Acrobat document
Fast4Ward, New Student Orientation
Fax Numbers, GHC
Fees, Tuition and Refunds - See also:online payments
Final Exam Schedule
Financial Aid - See also: GHC Foundation
Fitness Lab
Food Services - See: Charlie's Café
Forestry Programs - See: WorkForce Education
Forms (for GHC staff)
Foundation Office, GHC
Four-Year Degrees


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Gainful Employment Program Disclosures

GED Transcript Request
General Catalog, GHC
GHC Alert - Emergency Notification System
Golf - See: Choker Athletics
Grade Appeal Process (See: Operational Policy 407, Student Rights/Responsibilities)
Grades, Online Access
Graduation - See: Application for Degrees & Certificates
Grays Harbor Symphony Orchestra


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Handbook for GHC Students

Health Insurance Plans (for students)
Help Desk (Internal-use only)
HigherOne (My GHC Card Account)
Hope 1098 Tax Credit
Hospitality Requisition form
HS21+ Program
Human Resources Office, GHC
Human Services Programs - See: WorkForce Education


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I-BEST Program
Incident Report Form
Incomplete, Grade of See: Student Handbook
Industrial Technology Programs - See: WorkForce Education
Information Literacy
Information Technology Department, GHC - See also: Technology Help Desk (Internal-use only)
Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning (IERP)
Insurance Plans, Student Health
Instruction, Office of
Instructional Managers
Instructional Review Handbook Adobe Acrobat document
Instructor Briefcase
Instructor's Guide
Instructor's Office Hours Adobe Acrobat document
International Student Program - Information Packet Adobe Acrobat document


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Job Placement
John Spellman Library Media Center


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Key Return Receipt form Adobe Acrobat document
Key Request form Adobe Acrobat document
Key Update Adobe Acrobat document
Kiosk (online student records)


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Lake Swano

Law Enforcement Programs - See: WorkForce Education
Learning Center, The
Library/Media Center
Logo, Official GHC


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Maintenance Work Request Form
Map of Campus (Aberdeen)
Mascot - Charlie Choker
Master Agreement, Faculty
Master Course Outlines (.pdf format)
Master Plan, Facilities (Dec., 2007 /12.5 MB)Adobe Acrobat document
Mediation and Settlement Center
Medical Records Office Assistant - See: WorkForce Education
Meeting Minutes (of select campus committees)
Mission Statement
Model Watershed Project
Motor Pool - See also: Vehicle Reservation Calendar * Vehicle Request Form
Music Department- See also: Performing Arts


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Natural Resources Programs - See: WorkForce Education
New Employee Handbook Adobe Acrobat document
New Student Orientation
Night Duty Administrator Schedule
Non-Descrimination Policy
Nursing - See also: Workforce Education


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Occupational Programs

Office Hours, Faculty Adobe Acrobat document
Offices and Departments, GHC
Office Technology Programs - See: WorkForce Education
Online Learning
Operational Policies and Procedures, GHC
Opportunity Grant (Project Success)
Orientation for New Students
Outcomes Assessment
Outlook E-mail (Staff)
Outreach Locations, GHC


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Pacific County Facilities

Parking See also: Visitor Parking Permit Adobe Acrobat document
Part-time hourly Time Card Adobe Acrobat document
Payment of Tuition and Fees - See: online credit card payment
Pell Grant
Performing Arts - See also: Bishop Center Schedule and Tickets
Personal Identification Number (PIN) - See also: Student PIN Change
Personnel and Payroll
Phone Directory, GHC (also available in MS Word and Adobe Acrobat format)
Placement Test
Plus 50 Program
Practical Nursing - See: WorkForce Education
Prior Learning
Privacy Notice
Program Outcomes
Public Relations Office
Purchasing Office


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Quarterly Schedule of Classes


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Reciprocity Adobe Acrobat document
Recreational Fitness Lab
Regional Information
Register for Classes (online)
Registered Nursing - See: WorkForce Education
Registration, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Registration Log-in
Rental Rates - See: Campus Facilities
Research, Assessment & Planning (IERP)
Reservation-Based Associate in Arts Degree
Retail Bookkeeping - See: WorkForce Education
Returning Student Admissions Application (for students who have previously attended GHC)
Right to Know Information - (Completion Rates / Campus Safety)
Riverview Education Center
Room Reservations Calendar
Running Start

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Schedule of Classes
Schedule Planner (online)
Scholarships - See also: GHC Foundation
Self-Evaluation Report, 2011
Services to Students
Small Business/Entrepreneurship Programs - See: WorkForce Education
Smoking Areas - (GHC Operational Policies and Procedures)
Softball - See: Choker Athletics
Staff Development and Training
Staff Directory
Stafford Creek Corrections Center - See: General Catalog; Faculty Contract; Phone Directory
STARS (Online Scholarship Application)
State Need Grant (SNG)
Strategic Directions and College-Wide Goals
Strategic Planning
Student Activities Calendar
Student Government
Student Handbook
Student Identification Number - See also: General Catalog
Student Information Kiosk
Student Life - See: Events & Activities Calendar
Student Message Boards
Student Organizations and Clubs

Student Records - online access
Student Rights and Responsibilities
Student Right to Know (Completion Rates / Campus Safety)
Student Schedule - online access
Student Support Center
Study Skills - See: GHC Learning Center; TRiO Office
Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants (SEOG)
Surplus Equipment, Public Auction
Symphony, Grays Harbor

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Tech Prep Program

Technology Help Desk (Internal-use only)
Tenure Information for Faculty
    - College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
    - College Placement Test (CPT)
    - GED Exam
    - Test Proctoring
Theatre/Theatrical Arts - See also: Bishop Center for Performing Arts
Transcript Requests - See also: GED Transcript Requests
Transfer Degree Information
Transfer of Credit - See: General Catalog; GHC Student Support Center
TRiO - Student Support Services Program
Tuition, Fees and Refunds
Tutoring Program

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Vision, Mission and Values
Veterans Benefits - See also: General Catalog
Veterans Resources
Visitor Parking Permit Adobe Acrobat document
Vocational Programs

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Walking Routes, GHC Campus
WAOL (Washington Online)
Welding Technology - See:Workforce Education; syllabi
Who We Serve (enrollment statistics)
Withdrawal From Classes/College - See: General Catalog
Work Request Form (Campus Operations)
WorkFirst Services
Workforce Education
Work-Study Program
World Class Scholars
     WCS Student Contract - (MS Word format)
WPEA - See also: WPEA Contract
Writing Help Desk

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Your Right To Know

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