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Scholarship Application Process


The Grays Harbor College Foundation has awarded the 10 Fall Qtr. scholarships listed below. The majority of GHC scholarships will be available winter quarter, with over 150 awards available. Notices will appear on-campus and online when the Winter Quarter Scholarship Application becomes available.

American Legion Post 140 – Westport                                 (1) – Veteran Student
GHCF, donated by Forest C. & Ruth V. Kelsey Foundation  (3) – Automotive, Nursing, Education or Forestry
Stewart Educational Fund Scholarship                               (1) – Forestry Student
Stuart Polson Memorial Scholarship                                   (1) – Forestry Student
Marian J. Weatherwax Endowment Fund Scholarship       (1) – Performing Arts or Library Science Student
Bank of the Pacific Scholarship                                          (1) – Business Administration, Computer Science or Economics
Howard & Juanita Rowe Memorial Scholarship                 (1) – Open to All
GHC Federation of Teachers/Dislocated Workers               (1) – Family impacted by closure of local mill or factory Scholarship

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Before beginning carefully read and follow all instructions below in order to successfully complete and submit a valid scholarship application.


  1. Applications MUST be completed by the applicant. Under no circumstances can parents, teachers or counselors complete a scholarship application for a student. By submitting this online scholarship application, you are certifying that all information you have provided is true and complete to the best of your knowledge. You are also authorizing the release of provided information and other necessary financial and academic information to the GHC Foundation, individual donors and selections committees.

  2. Scholarship recipients must be enrolled full-time during the 2014-2015 school year. Recipients will be expected to attend the Recipient and Donor Recognition Ceremony held in May, to meet and thank the donors who make their scholarships possible. Recipients will be notified about the date of this important event as soon as possible.

  3. Some scholarships have donors looking for specific criteria ranging from gender to program of study. If asked to provide information about your race, gender, if you or a family member have a disability, or if you are a dislocated worker which you do not wish to disclose, there will be an option for you to indicate this. However, choosing this option removes you from consideration for those scholarships that require this additional information.

  4. You will be asked to answer one general essay question. However, a few scholarships require an additional essay and those questions will appear once you reach the ‘Recommended Scholarships’ section and click ‘Apply Now.’

  5. Applicants must answer all questions truthfullyNote; applicant will be disqualified from being awarded a scholarship if they misrepresent themselves or provide any false information.

How Do I Apply?

What will I need?

How will I be notified of results?

You will be notified by mail sometime in early October. No information will be given over the phone prior to the letters being mailed.


Who can I contact if I have questions?

Eric Potts  
School/College Relations
Cindy Jasper
Financial Aid Office


Apply Now You’re ready to start the online application:

APPLY NOW!  By clicking the link and entering the application, you understand and agree with all terms and conditions stated above and within the application.


Please Note: The availability of scholarships for the 2014-15 school year is subject to change throughout the application process. This means that a scholarship you appear to be eligible for may disappear from the list.


Thank You!

Grays Harbor College and Grays Harbor College Foundation thank the many individuals, corporations and organizations who have made it possible for thousands of students to receive an education. If you are interested in donation to a scholarship fund or starting a new scholarship at Grays Harbor College, please contact the Foundation office at 360-538-4243.



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