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Academic Advisors

Why should you work with your academic advisor?

Your advisor can help you avoid mistakes like these:

• Taking classes that you don’t need.
• Missing a class that will not be offered again for a year or more.
• Failing to take classes that you need to graduate or at another college.
• Failing to have the needed prerequisites for required course.
• Enrolling in courses that are too difficult or too easy.

What can you expect from your academic advisor?

• Knowledge of college programs, procedures, policies, requirements, deadlines and transfer information.
• Help in finding the right resources to solve problems.
• Help in developing a balanced class schedule.
• Help in developing an academic plan based on educational goals.

What does your academic advisor expect from you?

    1. Ask questions about degree requirements to be sure you are always moving toward your educational goal. If transferring, learn about the school you plan to transfer to.
    2. Sign up for advising to discuss possible classes before each quarter.
    3. If you have 23 or fewer credits completed you will have to meet with your advisor to get your registration PIN. If you have more than 24 credits completed you will use your global PIN to web register.
    • Use your global pin number and student ID to run a degree audit (with all sections expanded).
    • Look at the online quarterly schedule or use the Schedule Planner to see what courses will be offered in the coming quarter.
    • Bring an idea of the courses you wish to take in the upcoming quarter to your advising appointment.

Changing Your Major/Advisor

Many students change majors after starting college, sometimes more than once. It is important that your correct major be identified in your records and for you to have an advisor appropriate to your career choice.

Changing your major or advisor is a simple process. Print out the Change Form, fill it out, sign and return it to the Admissions and Record Office in the HUB.

If your major change also means you need a new advisor, take the form to the instructor you would like to have as your new advisor.  If the instructor says yes, they will sign it and then you return it to the Admissions and Records Office.

If you would like to have a new advisor assigned to you, visit the Student Support Center in the HUB or call 360-538-4099 to ask for help.