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Academic, Career, & Personal Counseling

Wondering where to start?
Confused? Don’t know who to ask?
Having problems that affect your school work?


Counseling and Advising
We're here to help!

Monday - Friday, 7:30 - 5:00

If you need assistance after hours, call the Grays Harbor Crisis Clinic at 532-4357 or 1-800-685-6556.


  • Schedule an appointment in person or call 538-4099
  • Phone appointments are available
  • Please notify us if you need to cancel


  • Drop-In sessions available for quick questions or immediate concerns
  • Drop-in hours Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • First-come, first served. 10 to 15 minute sessions


Services Include:

Academic Counseling:

Take our assessment to find the sources of academic struggles.

Career Counseling

Short-Term Personal Counseling

You don't need to be in a crisis to seek counseling.
All sessions are confidential except in rare and exceptional cases.

Mental Health Screening Tools

Media Downloads

Additional Counseling Center Programs:

Community Resources

Melissa Barnes
Melissa Barnes
Director of Counseling and Student Development
538-4096 /
M. Ed. Counseling & Psychological Services, Springfield College
Certificate of Completion, Gestalt Institute of Cleveland
Certified community, family, and workplace mediator
Vivian Kaylor
Vivian Kaylor

Counselor & Running Start Coordinator
538-4093 /
MSW, Eastern Washington University
Debbie Richters

Debbie Richters
Workforce Education & Retraining Coordinator
538-4095 /
B.A. Public Administration, The Evergreen State College

Brian Shook

Brian Shook
Counselor & Transfer Advisor
538-4015 /
M.S. Counseling, Oregon State University
B.A. Psychology, University of California at Santa Cruz
A.A. Liberal Arts, West Valley College, Saratoga, Ca

James Sorensen

James Sorensen

Testing Program Coordinator
538-4049 /
A.A. GHC, B.A. The Evergreen State College

Patricia Williams

Patricia Williams

Program Assistant
538-4099 /

Patricia Williams

Elisa Anderson

Running Start Clerical Assistant
538-4248 /

Part-time Counselors:

Elaine Olsen - 538-4099
Janine Saul - 538-4099 /


    Questions? Email Melissa Barnes at