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College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Introduction to CLEP

CLEP is the most widely accepted credit-by-examination program in the country. There are 35 different examinations which allow a student to demonstrate knowledge in a wide range of subjects. This knowledge may have come from school, on the job, or through independent reading, observation, or study. The CLEP examinations are offered by the College Board and are administered at more than 1400 locations.

CLEP is administered as a computer-based test. For additional information about CLEP, including descriptions of CLEP exams, a listing of test centers, and important CLEP addresses and phone numbers, visit the College Board's CLEP web site.

Cost and Registration

The CLEP exam costs $100.00 at Grays Harbor College in two transactions (a payment of $80.00 to College Board and $20.00 to Grays Harbor College).  

You must register and pay your $80.00 CLEP fee to take your CLEP exam through the College Board Website. Once you are registered call the GHC Testing Center at (360) 538-4099 to schedule your appointment.

Scoring and Credit Award

Students must achieve a score of 50 or higher in all subjects except Foreign Language above the 121 level. These scores give the student a “Pass” credit for each test. A limit of 45 quarter credits can be applied towards a degree.                                

Below is the chart of CLEP exams accepted by Grays Harbor College. If you have any questions about transferring CLEP credits to GHC please contact Nancy DeVerse by email,, or by phone at (360) 538-4030.

To schedule a CLEP exam please call the Grays Harbor College Testing Center at (360) 538-4049.

CLEP Credit Chart